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Postpartum Care

The After Birth


  • Short Stay- 10 hrs of day or nighttime care in hospital*

  • Extended Stay- 18 hours of day or nightime care in hospital*

  • One 4 hour shift in home 

  • One 1.5 hour prenatal visit to plan and prepare (in-person or virtual)

  • Postpartum worksheets


Short: $550

Extended: $750


*can transition to NICU support if needed

The Check-In


  • One 4 hour check in at any point in the postpartum period*

  • Can be combined with any other package

  • This time can be used to check in on breastfeeding or provide support for newborn or household care

  • Can also be virtual and split up in shorter visits



Into the Wild


  • 12 hours in the days immediately after the birth or  returning home from the hospital*

  • Text and phone access 

  • One nourishing meal

  • Access to library of resources   

  • Postpartum Planning Worksheets

  • One 1.5 hour prenatal visit for  postpartum planning



*hours can be used in a variety of combinations to best suit your needs

The Planner


  • One stand-alone 2 hour visit to discuss and develop a postpartum plan

  • Can answer questions about baby gear, infant feeding, diapering, baby wearing etc. 

  • Includes postpartum planning worksheets

  • Does not need to be combined with any other postpartum care services




The Marathon


  • Package of care hours over the fourth trimester*

  • Nourishing meals of your choosing 

  • Text and phone access for support 

  • Resource library

  • Postpartum Planning Worksheets

  • One 1.5-2 hour prenatal visit for postpartum planning

16 hours+2 meals: $600


20 hours+2 meals: $700


*how and when hours are used is flexible, most shifts will be in 4 hour increments

THe Hourly

  • Hourly care with a 3 hour minimum per visit. 

  • For those not sure what they need

  • Ideally paired with THE PLANNER

  • Can be scheduled pre- or postpartum

  • Used to support parents and families with infant feeding, newborn care, household management, birth parent care and check-in*


$35 per hour

Overnight care: $40 per hour

*not a babysitting service or housecleaning service

Committed to Accessible Care for All

I recognize that this pricing may place postpartum care out of reach for some families. Out of a commitment to accessible care for all families, I offer an income-based sliding scale for hourly care and all packages.


All families can benefit from postpartum care, regardless of ability to pay. Please reach out.


Get in touch to learn more with a free 30 min consultation

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