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Birth Services

Your body, your birth, your way.

I'm here for it!

What I loved most about my own pregnancy and birth were the informed choices I got to make for myself. By surrounding myself with people who supported me with information and options I was able to build the prenatal experience and the birth that felt right for me (even if it didn't go as planned).

A majority of advocacy, when working with a doula, occurs prenatally. I am here to help you educate yourself, communicate effectively with your provider, and understand all the choices that are available to you. 

All bodies, all births, all ways.  

Sibling Doula:

Birth is an exciting time, full of big changes for your entire family. Sibling doulas provide consistency, dependable care for your older children, and peace of mind for you during birth.

Consider adding additional postpartum planning and care

  • Especially "The Planner" to focus specifically on preparing for the postpartum phase

  • for more information see the postpartum packages page 

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