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Postpartum Care

Committed to Accessible Care for All

I recognize that this pricing may place postpartum care out of reach for some families. Out of a commitment to accessible care for all families, I offer an income-based sliding scale for all packages.


All families can benefit from postpartum care, regardless of ability to pay. Please reach out.

THe Ultimate


This is the package I wish I had with my own babies during the fourth trimester!

  • 16 hours of in home care

  • 4 overnights

  • 2 nourishing meals

  • One 1.5 hour prenatal visit to plan and prepare 

  • Postpartum worksheets

  • Text and phone access

  • Resource library

4 days+4 nights+2 meals: $1,950


The Check-In


  • One 4 hour check in at any point in the postpartum period*

  • Can be combined with any other package

  • This time can be used to check in on breastfeeding or provide support for newborn or household care

  • Can also be virtual and split up in shorter visits



Into the Wild


  • 12 hours in the days immediately after the birth or  returning home from the hospital

  • Can be used in the hospital/for NICU support

  • Text and phone access 

  • Access to library of resources   

  • Postpartum Planning Worksheets

  • One 1.5 hour prenatal visit for  postpartum planning



The Planner

  • In home:

    • One stand-alone 90 min visit to discuss and develop a postpartum plan

    • Home tour to answer questions about gear, set-up and sleeping arrangements


  • Virtual

    • One stand-alone 60 min virtual visit to discuss needs postpartum and develop a plan​


Both options include postpartum planning worksheets


The Marathon


  • 20 daytime hours* + 2 hour check-in within first week of birth

  • Text and phone access for support 

  • Access to resource library

  • Postpartum Planning Worksheets

  • One 1.5 hour prenatal visit for postpartum planning




*how and when hours are used is flexible, most shifts will be in 4 hour increments

The Overnight

  • SLEEP!

  • Overnight support to help families rest and recover

  • Nights are scheduled as needed

  • Nights are 9 hour shifts between the hours of 9pm-7am

  • Minimum two nights

2 nights: $730

3 nights: $1080

4 nights: $1400

Don't see the perfect package to fit your needs?

Let's Build One!

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